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We aim to provide know-how and technology to everyone involved in the wire and grow together

ABOUT HIKARI Academy of Technologists

ABOUT HIKARI Academy of TechnologistsIn order to practice "the company is a person", I created a university within the company. Hikari employees enter Hikari Monozukuri University at the same time they join the company and earn credits as students. Regardless of humanities, science, or academic background, even new employees can learn with confidence and enjoy learning techniques and knowledge while having fun.
It's not just making things. Aiming for higher human growth!

Course introduction

Course nameContents
Hikari common senseTraining for Hikari new employees. You will learn about Hikari's business philosophy and ideas, basic knowledge of products, Nara and Gunma. You can also learn about teamwork and problem solving at Block Rally Training using blocks.
Business manners courseI will re-study again, using examples that often go wrong, such as the correct way of exchanging business cards, the upper and lower seats, and the use of honorifics. Gain the right knowledge so that you can act confidently wherever you go!
Manufacturing basic wireWhat is metal? What is a steel material? We teach the know-how of Hikari technology such as wire drawing, heat treatment and electroplating from the basic knowledge of materials. It is a course that actually processes, heat-treats, electroplates and understands while experiencing it.
Excel beginner's class & QC 7 toolsThe time is around 1550. Oda Nobunaga, who lives in Cheongju Castle, was worried that there were many anthrax used in the castle. Therefore, let's reduce the consumption of anthrax using "QC 7 tools" with Fujiyoshiro!
Science of practical workCorrectly collect various "facts" in the field and "visualize" to understand the essence of the problem! It is a super practical training that solves problems that are actually in work.
Manufacturing intermediate level metal organization editionWhat is the metal structure of the wire rod? When you draw ... ... and heat treatment .... The wires are actually polished to observe the metallographic structure. Knowing the mechanism will give you a deeper knowledge and skills about metals.
Manufacturing intermediate classPlating knitting technology required for plating, electrolytic pickling, electrolytic degreasing, ultrasonic cleaning, pH, ionization tendency, composition of plating solution, high speed plating, bright plating, strike plating, temperature, filtration, stirring, impurities, trouble cases, etc. I remember while experimenting with a beaker.
Management to learn Chinese classicsHow do I manage when I become a manager? How has the country and organization flourished since ancient times
Excel management analysisFor manager class. Using Excel for financial statements such as balance sheet and profit and loss statement, learn how to analyze management. Have the right indicators, the right management!
Relay courseThis is an introduction to relay sequence. As a complete beginner can understand, from wiring using batteries and miniature bulbs to wiring using relays, you can enjoy the course. This is the first step to be able to control machines using PLC.
Let's look at invisible things! -Introduction to Inquiry-These techniques are discovered and utilized through close observation of nature.
In this course, we will observe natural creatures, minerals, metal crystals, etc. using a loupe and a microscope,
Let's take a look at various things. The power is connected to various manufacturing

Text and class scene

  1. 01Student lounge
    It is a training scene-

    It is a training scene

    There is a library in the company-

    There is a library in the company

    Syllabus: Guidance of course is given-

    Syllabus: Guidance of course is given

  2. 02Student lounge
    Problem solving with block rally-

    Problem solving with block rally

    Text (Basic Management Policy etc.)-

    Text (Basic Management Policy etc.)

    Announced team effort-

    Announced team effort

  3. 03Student lounge
    I will practice electroplating-

    I will practice electroplating

    Plating foundation text-

    Plating foundation text

    Heat treatment basic text-

    Heat treatment basic text

    All together plating experiments-

    All together plating experiments

    Heat treatment experiments on a laboratory stove-

    Heat treatment experiments on a laboratory stove

    Wire drawing basic text-

    Wire drawing basic text

  4. 04Student lounge
    Text (business card exchange edition)-

    Text (business card exchange edition)

    Text (business card exchange edition)-

    Text (business card exchange edition)

    Text (honorific)-

    Text (honorific)

  5. 05Student lounge
    Graph work problems-

    Graph work problems

    Science texts of practical work-

    Science texts of practical work

    Announced results of initiatives-

    Announced results of initiatives

  6. 06Student lounge
    At first we know our products-

    At first we know our products

    We announce the contents of discussion together-

    We announce the contents of discussion together




  7. 07Student lounge
    QC 7 tools text-

    QC 7 tools text

    QC 7 tools text-

    QC 7 tools text





  8. 08Student lounge
    Description of metallographic structure-

    Description of metallographic structure

    Metal texture text-

    Metal texture text

    Observe the metallographic structure of the wire you made-

    Observe the metallographic structure of the wire you made




  9. 09Student lounge
    Why does bright plating shine?-

    Why does bright plating shine?

    High-speed plating mechanism-

    High-speed plating mechanism

    What is ultrasonic cleaning cavitation?-

    What is ultrasonic cleaning cavitation?

    Difference in electrolytic treatment-

    Difference in electrolytic treatment



  10. 10Student lounge