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We are experts in heat treatment that heats up our customers' minds
by changing a wide variety of materials to the properties required of our customers.

Hikari's heat treatment technology

Hikari's heat treatment technology01Annealing (stress relief blunting)Hi-Ka Bright

Recrystallize and soften mild steel wire at 600 ° C to 650 ° C.

Product example
  • Rebar binding wire-

    Rebar binding wire

  • Airbag wire-

    Airbag wire

Hikari's heat treatment technology02Pipe annealing

It is fully annealed by heating at 950 ° C, austenizing the material, and air cooling.

Product example
  • Lead wire for electronic components-

    Lead wire for electronic components

  • Automotive glow plug wire-

    Automotive glow plug wire

Hikari's heat treatment technology03Patenting

Heat treatment technology to convert hard steel wire into pearlite structure with hardness and ductility

Product example
  • Lantern wire-

    Lantern wire

  • Shot blasting wire-

    Shot blasting wire

Hikari's heat treatment technology04Induction heating type heat treatment

Heat treatment is performed at high speed regardless of the wire diameter by the electromagnetic induction heating method.

Product example
  • Staple wire-

    Staple wire

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