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We will provide equipment, technology, know-how and excitement to all customers
with "field-optimized" production technology that we wire manufacturers considered.

Good news for all customers making things!
Do you have any problems like this?

  • The wire gets tangled and productivity does not rise!
  • I want to visualize equipment data!
  • I want to make a wire in-house!
  • Only a specific reel fits in our machine!
  • I want to try IoT, but the difficulty is high...
  • Please tell me the plating and heat treatment technology
  • I want to manage the dew condensation in the factory!
  • I can not accept reels because I have only done a bunch!
  • I want to increase my productivity but what should I do?
  • I want you to tell me about metal materials in an easy-to-understand manner

Hikari's production technology is solved.
It is a technology that is filled with the "field know-how" of "manufacturing manufacturers".

  • Mechanical descaler-

    Mechanical descaler

  • High-speed winder-

    High-speed winder

  • Original winder drawing-

    Original winder drawing

  • Wire drawing machine-

    Wire drawing machine

  • Cover type wire drawing machine-

    Cover type wire drawing machine

  • Wire supply device-

    Wire supply device

  • Annealing furnace-

    Annealing furnace

  • Ultra-high-speed type wire feeder-

    Ultra-high-speed type wire feeder

  • During installation-

    During installation

  • Condensation detection system-

    Condensation detection system

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