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It is such a reel

FB (flanged bobbin) series


FB reel(500kg type)

Whether it's slow or fast, the wire won't drip, it won't get tangled!
Wire weight: There are two types, 300kg and 500kg.
Empty reel Weight: 15kg and lightweight. Easy to carry.
It is also possible to take over and overtake.
Can be installed on any machine of the customer.
Supplying technology not only as a reel but also as a "wire supply system".

- -

Example of ultra-high-speed type trade-off supply systemHikari original supply cover "Rockety"

Wire diameter: 0.50mm, even when wound at a wire speed of 1000m/min, it does not break! Not involved!
Please help improve your company's productivity.We correspond to reel, carrier, bundle of visitor designation.

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